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INFORMATION about the activity of The Polish Association of Juices Producers

Root of Polish Association of Juices Producers reach to Polish Science and Technical Association of Engineers and Technicians of Agricultural and Food Industry, where it came into being in 1993 as a branch unit named Polish Association of Juices and Soft Drinks Producers.

INFORMATION about the activity of The Polish Association of Juices Producers

Root of Polish Association of Juices Producers reach to Polish Science and Technical Association of Engineers and Technicians of Agricultural and Food Industry, where it came into being in 1993 as a branch unit named Polish Association of Juices and Soft Drinks Producers.

The characteristic feature of KUPS elaborated through whole period of existence is a balanced cooperation of juice and nectar (fruit and vegetable) producers with scientific institutes, research laboratories, suppliers of semi-manufactured products, technical equipment and packages and producers of juice concentrates. Joining of producers of juice concentrates into KUPS structure initiated process of acquiring lawful personality and in April 2004 was registered as an independent branch organization.

During activity time of Polish Association of Juice and Soft Drinks Producers, nowadays Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS), Association was an originator of many actions and initiatives for the industry branch. Among other achievements undoubted are:

Putting forward to government in the matter of value- added tax (VAT). As a result of this action VAT for fruit and vegetable juice, nectar and drinks was decreased from 22% to 7%
 Modification of customs protection for concentrated fruit juice made from South fruit in 2001, 2002, 2003.
Obtaining the opportunity to legal manufacture of pellucid nectar in Poland effecting in equity of Polish producers with UE producers.
Signing of agreement with AIJN what made to be possible translation of ”Code of Practice of AIJN” into Polish. ”Code of Practice of AIJN” is an acknowledged technical document for evaluation of juice and nectar quality in UE countries. This document became a basis for evaluation of authenticity of juice and nectar offered on the market.
 Initiation and establishment, with cooperation with SGF , of ”Voluntary Control System”(DSK) for juice and nectar in Poland, which objective is to ensure the condition for fair competition (following a law about unfair competition, market analysis) and providing with good view of all products of juice and nectar industry in Poland. The ambition of ”Voluntary Control System” is to comprise with its activity all producers of juice and nectar, as also producers of fruit and vegetable drinks. Nowadays DSK members cover about 80% of juice, nectar and drinks (fruit and vegetable) market in Poland.
 Incorporating of ”Voluntary Control System” for juice and nectar into EQCS structure.

 The Polish Association of Juices Producers is a member of national and international organizations which associate representatives of juice and drinks branches, where KUPS represents matters of Polish juice and nectar industry. KUPS collaborates with organizations interested in juice and nectar quality issues in UE countries. It is worth to pay attention to membership in following organizations:

 □ European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN)
 □ SGF International e.V. / Sure-Global-Fair; In 03.10.2002 the “Agreement about cooperation of KUPSiNB and SGF” was signed. On the basis of this agreement SGF is included into the process of improvement juice and nectar quality on Polish market through financial and scientist supporting among the „QUISEE” project.
 □ European Quality Control System (EQCS);
 □ Rada Gospodarki Żywnościowej przy Ministrze Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi (RGŻ).
 □ Polska Rada Przemysłu Żywnościowego
 □ Rada do spraw Diety, Aktywności Fizycznej i Zdrowia

 Range of activity of Polish Association of Juices Producers includes also organization of national and international symposiums and conferences devoted attention to broadly comprehending issues of technology and technique of production, sale and marketing of juice, nectar and soft drinks (in country and abroad). These meetings are a forum to exchange experiences about juice manufacture, to discuss on quality problems, to present news about technological and technical solutions, nutritive aspects of fruit juice and soft drinks, to be familiar with changes in food law and food standards and many other topics.

 There was also made an attempt to work out the strategy for branch and to find common dialogue between manufacturers and processers.
 Summarizing, Polish Association of Juices Producers was an originator of eight national symposiums and four international for juice industry. There were about 150 - 180 participants, mostly representatives from Poland and foreign producers of raw material, juices and concentrates as well as companies from other industries connected with fruit and vegetable processing.: :
 1. „Production of fruit juice and drinks”, Zakopane – Kościelisko, 14– 15 November 1997;
 2. „Juice and soft drink production ”, Zakopane – Kościelisko, 15– 16 January1999;
 3. „Fruit and vegetable juice – today in XXI century”, Rytro, 20– 24 October 1999;
 4. „Juice, juice concentrates and soft drink production”, Jastrzębia Góra, 5– 7 September 2000;
 5. „Juice, juice concentrates and soft drink in the pre- accession time to European Union”, Zakopane – Kościelisko, 3– 6 October 2001;
 6. „Juice and nectar industry as a standard for food industry”, Zakopane – Kościelisko, 2– 5 October 2002;
 7. „Good quality during manufacture and trade– necessary condition for further development of fruit and vegetable market”, Zakopane – Kościelisko, 8– 11 October 2003;
 8. „Juice and nectar industry in 6 months after accession of Poland to European Union”, Pułtusk, 4– 5 November 2004;
 9. „The situation of juice and nectar manufacture in 12 months after accession of Poland to European Union”, Mikołajki, 26– 28 April 2005;
 10. “Perspective of development of juice and fruit and vegetable in industry”, Bełchatów, 9-11 May 2006 .
 11. “Perspective of development of juice and fruit and vegetable in industry, Zakopane, 9-11 May 2007.
 12. “Situation of the juice industry in the face of upcoming challenges for the next five years”, Brosniławów, 14-16 May 2008.

 In the 1995-1997, answering the invitation of International Drink Trade in Bydgoszcz there were organized five branch seminars. It was undoubtedly the introduction to more prestige participation of our Association in the International Trade POLAGRA FOOD in Poznań. In 2000 there were organized panel meetings in cooperation with Editors of „ Fermentation Industry of Fruit and Vegetable”. During these meetings there were presented papers about the changing situation of juice industry. In the 1997 – 2002 period KUPS organized exhibitions of juice and drinks in Warszaw. The seminar in Skierniewice:
 ”Cooperation between manufacturers and processers of fruit as a necessary condition for obtaining a success on common market” (8 of July, 2004) initiated a dialogue between manufacturers of fruit and vegetables.
 Polish Association of Juices Producers is one of 17 organizations unit from 6 UE country actively participating in international project QUALI JUICE "Ensuring quality and the development of early-warning system for microbial spoilage of fruit juices for the European fruit juices."
 In July 2008 we organized seminarium within the project QUALI JUICE “Use of biosensors to study microbial quality of juice - the project QUALI – JUICE” in Łódź.

 Very high organizational and meritoric level of those meetings gave an important position to Association as one of the leader among food branch. With a framework of such a meetings Association edits materials contain presented papers. During several years of activity there were prepared about 40 bulletins disseminated among members and persons who are engaged in development of branch and participate in symposiums and conferences.

 Worthy of admiring is engagement of people who, as volunteers, undertake activities for organization, take a part in activities of working-groups creating values which are used by whole fruit and vegetable industry.

 Considering market’s needs and the situation of food branch Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS) is an initiator of working- group formation. Among other there are:
 Working- group for Raw Material which aim is seeking for agreement platform between manufacturers and processers of fruit and vegetables;
 Working- group for Products which elaborated „Code of good manufacture practice for juice and nectar industry” which will provide help to whole juice branch
 Working- group for Prognosis and Monitoring which undertakes difficult creation of methodology of collecting and elaborating of data, advisably having to influence on stabilization of fruit and vegetable market for manufacture.
 Working- group for Promotion which elaborated an information folder about Voluntary Control System (DSK) for juice and nectar.
 Working – group for Producers of concentrated fruit juices
 which integrated producers of concentrated juices.

 Polish Association of Juices Producers is a voluntary, self-government, stable Association aims at: integration and representation of juice and nectar producers environmental, solving problems, propagation of initiatives, attitudes and activities which favor development of juice industry in Poland, creation of confidence and respective atmosphere for juice production including juice concentrates, creation of condition to develop fruit culture cultivation, as also making a contribution to increase juice consumption in Poland, organization and material supporting of natural persons and organization units which undertake such activities. At present KUPS Association counts 42 members, represent business firms providing on national market about 80% of fruit and vegetable juice, nectar and drinks.

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