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19-20 September 2017

About what?

Science, business, processing in global food policy


Hotel InterContinental

Emilii Plater 49, Warsaw


About the conference

In the name of the Polish Juice Producers Association (KUPS) we are glad to invite you to the XIII International Congress on Promotion of Vegetable and Fruits , that is going to be held for the first time in Poland in the InterContinental hotel in Warsaw on September 19-20, 2017.

The main goal of the Congress is to provide participants with actual topics related to human nutrition, health promoting policy, production, international trade and the promotional programme of the ”5 a day” idea. The Congress is a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and ideas among experts in the field of nutrition, processing, trade and promotion, proven by expertise knowledge that can be offered by members of the AIAM5 international organization, who are going to arrive in Warsaw from ca. 30 countries from all over the world.

The International Congress is held annually, each time in a different country, and has been organized by such European countries as Hungary and Spain or Mexico and Colombia from Americas. It provides the opportunity to start relations with various countries and share knowledge and experience in the field of scientific research, programme implementation, information on promotion and consumption of vegetables and fruit and practical commercial and logistic solutions.

Thus, the possibility to participate in the Congress is something more than sharing knowledge and conclusions. We provide you with the ideal platform to meet people who can be unavailable on the day-to-day basis as a result of such reasons like geographical limitations. Our panelists shall present their knowledge and contacts to you, both during their lectures and informal talks. Among guests we can expect representatives of the most important institutions and over 30 countries.


Polish Association  of Juice Producers  (KUPS)

AIAM5 - Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day"

What's in the program?

  • Interesting presentations on dietetics, public health, programmes promoting consumption of fruit and vegetables and international trade
  • Trends, scientific innovations, health promoting policy
  • Exchange of information and experience related to the fruit and vegetable industry
  • Panel and informal discussions
  • Opportunity to establish contacts during the evening meeting (networking)

Full conference program

Program in PDF format


  • Over 300 guests from Poland and abroad
  • Representatives of international organizations: EU, AIAM5, WHO
  • Representatives of state authorities
  • Scientists and journalists
  • Representatives of trading companies
  • Representatives of companies from the fruit and vegetable industry
  • Fruit and vegetable producers
  • Commercial attachés from various countries

We provide the best panelists:

  • Polish and foreign experts from 30 countries
  • Practitioners and theorists from leading scientific and commercial institutions
  • Scientists from recognized academic centres and research institutes

Organizers provide simultaneous interpreting (English, Spanish, Polish)



I choose the following type of participation *
Member of KUPS and AIAM5, students and scholars (paid until September 11, 2017)
Price: 100 Euro
Others (including TAX, net of all bank charges and commission) (paid until September 11, 2017)
Price: 150 Euro
Holiday Promotion!!! - for two people from one Company / Institution for KUPS and AIAM5 members, researchers and students and representative of media (paid until September 11, 2017)
Price: 180 Euro
Holiday Promotion!!! - for two people from one Company / Institution for the other (paid until September 11, 2017)
Price: 280 Euro

Total: 0 Euro


* I agree to issue a VAT invoice based on the data and information contained in the above form
* I hereby agree to the processing of personal data and to include the name of the Company or the name of the natural person in the congressional materials, including the list of participants on the website.


In the case of cancellation the fee will be refunded if the secretariat is notified in writing
at least 14 days before the symposium date.
Substitutions can be made at any time.
The conference fee does not include accommodation costs.
The conference fee includes conference materials and meals, as well as networking with dinner on the 1st day of Congress.


Hotel and location

Modern hotel in the very centre of Warszawa

Hotel InterContinental is located in the very centre of Warszawa.

It is one of the tallest buildings in the city, of unique and modern architecture, as it is one of the most important locations of the Polish capital city.

Perfect location of the hotel provides fast access to tourist attractions of the city, that are worth being visited during stay in Warszawa, such as the Old Town, the National Museum, the Warsaw Rising Museum and many others.

The hotel is also located in close proximity of the Central Railway Station, the Palace of Culture and Science and the Złote Tarasy (Eng. Golden Terraces) commercial complex. There is comfortable communication with the Warsaw Chopin Airport (8 kilometers).

Our guests can enjoy the city panorama in one of 414 elegantly equipped rooms, including 76 extended stay suites.

The Platter by Karol Okrasa restaurant, with multiple awards and distinguished by Michelen several times, meets expectations of the most demanding gourmands. Large selection of wines specially chosen by a sommelier will match everyone’s requirements.

Breakfast had in the Downtown Restaurant with the view of the Palace of Culture and Science or a cup of hot coffee in the Wedel Cafe will be an unforgettable experience.

InterContinental Warszawa
ul. Emilii Plater 49
Warszawa, 00-125

Telephone: +48 22 328 88 88
Email: warsaw@ihg.com

You can book accommodation for your stay during the Congress clicking this link


Hotel InterContinental

Emilii Plate 49, Warsaw


e-mail: warsaw@ihg.com

phone: +48 22 328 88 88

Sponsors and vendors

We encourage to active sponsorship that gives a chance to establish closer cooperation with potential customers.

During the Congress you will be able to obtain the status of the:

  • Platinum Sponsor (General Sponsor),
  • Gold Sponsor,
  • Silver Sponsor,
  • Bronze Sponsor
  • “Sponsor”.

You can prepare a stand, too.

See details in the attachment.

Moreover, we encourage to make use of the possibility to add company data and characteristics in the folder.

We are also open for additional, untypical forms of promotion.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


Honorary Patrons

Honory Patrons - Universities

Media partners


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    Platinum Sponsor


      Polish Association of Juices Producers

       Rakowiecka Street 36 / 340
       02- 532 Warsaw, Poland

      mail: biuro@kups.org.pl

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